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Current Trailers For Sale:

THE 1935 Airstream Torpedo

This trailer is THE 1935 Airstream Torpedo that is recognized by the Airstream Corporation as the oldest existing Airstream in the World! This trailer is truly a rare and one of a kind trailer whose entire history is well known in the vintage trailer hobby. It is a one family trailer for the last 80+ years which has been kept stored inside except when being used for trips. It has not been used in the last 6~ years. Sale includes all medals, awards, trophies, etc. from various Airstream Rallies, historical photos, news paper articles, original documents, letters, etc... Only thing not included with the sale are the original blue prints which the family has decided to keep. More history about this trailer and its original owner/builder can be found at: http://tincantourists.com/wiki/doku.php?id=holman_norman  This trailer is offered by Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations as an auction type sale and we will be accepting bids by email, mail, or in person only. Trailer can be seen in person by appointment only here in Panama City Florida. LINK TO PHOTOS HERE! Serious inquiries can contact us by email at: HeintzDesignsVintageTrailerSales@gmail.com  

Here is an itemized list of items included with this sale (numbers can be seen in the photo link above):

001: Miscellaneous large box of small parts (Gamefisher Box)

002:  Miscellaneous large box of small parts (Gamefisher Box)

003: Miscellaneous medium box of small parts (Plano Box Double Sided)

004: Miscellaneous tool in wooden box

005: Two (2) Vintage Aluminum Folding Chairs

006: Large Board full of rally ribbons

007: Large Board full of rally pins, ties, buttons, etc.…

008: Large Board full of rally patches and stickers

009: Two (2) Custom Vintage Airstream Club Hats

010: Vintage Airstream Club Flag

011: Boy Scout Silver Beaver Award

012: NIB Airstream Post Cards 2012

013: 39th annual WBCCI Gold Pen and Money Clip still in box

014: 1984 Airstream Desktop Paper Weight

015: Airstream etched glass 3D key chain

016: 2004 Rally trailer side bag

017: 2012 Airstream Rally Canvas Bag

018: 2007 Airstream Rally Canvas Bag

019: TWO (2) white shower curtains

020: Dr. Holman’s Camping Hat

021: 1998 Pensacola Unit & Mystic Cove Inc. Directory

022: 2005 WBCCI Directory

023: 2006 WBCCI Directory

024: 2008 WBCCI Directory

025: 2009 WBCCI Directory

026: 2010 WBCCI Directory

027: 2010 WBCCI Region 6 Directory

028: 2011 WBCCI Directory

029: Dr. Holman 1951 Diary

030: Dr. Holman 1953 Diary

031: Dr. Holman 1959 Diary (empty)

032: Dr. Holman 1965 Diary

033: Dr. Holman 1966 Diary

034: 1935 Airstream Newspaper Article

035: Book “5th Ave on Wheels” About WBCCI

036: 2002 Oldest Trailer Award Rapid City SD

037: 2000 Oldest Original Owner Award Bismarck ND

038: 2002 Rapid City SD Rally Aerial Photo

039: 2003 Oldest Trailer Award Burlington VT

040: 2001 Best in Class 30’s Award Sioux Falls SD

041: 2003 Best in Class 30’s Award Burlington VT

042: 2010 Best Engineered Feature Award Du Quoin IL

043: 2011 Most Flags Flown Award Du Quoin IL

044: 2010 Silver Level 30’s Decade Award Gillette WY

045: 2006 Best Engineered Feature Award Salem OR

046: 2007 Heritage Decade Silver Award Perry FL

047: Large Photo Copy of Dr. Holman and Airstream Torpedo circa 1937

048: Dr. Holman’s Medical Award

049: 1992 Dr. Holman’s Medical Lecture Dedication Award

050: 1992 Dr. Holman’s room 207 at Dale Medical Center Dedication Award

051: 200 Oldest Original Owner Award Bismarck MD

052: 2001 Best in Class 30’s Award

053: 1998 Oldest One Owner Award

054: 1997 Best in Show Award Huntsville AL

055: 1998 Bright Ideas Award Boise ID

056: 1995 Vintage Airstream Club Honorary Member Award

057: 2002 Oldest Trailer Award Rapid City SD

058: 2003 Best in Class Award Burlington VT

059: 2003 Oldest Trailer Award Burlington VT

060: 2005Best Engineered Feature Award Springfield MO

061: 2005 Silver Level 30’s Award Springfield MO

062: 2006 Best Engineered Feature Award Salem OR

063: 2007 Heritage Decade Silver Award Perry FL

064: Oldest Known Airstream Vintage Airstream Club Award

065: Four (4) 1935 Harley Davidson NOS Fender Light Lenses (used as marker lights on the trailer)

066: Two (2) 1935 Harley Davidson NOS Fender Light Bezels and lenses

067: NOS Fixed Window Gasket

068: Six (6) Marker Light Bases / nine (9) red lenses & six (6) amber lenses

069: Original 1939 Bilge Pump for water system

070: NOS 1929 Ford Tag Holder Light / Three (3) Tail lights / Seven (7) clear lenses / Five (5) tail light lenses

071: Projector Slide Viewers

072: Two (2) Empty Slide Carousels

073: Kodak Slide Projector

074: One (1) Carousel full of travel photos

075: Vintage Red Bicycle Air Pump

076: Drawer full of brass fittings

077: NIB 12 Volt DC Cooling Fan

078: Two (2) NOS 4 Pin Trailer Light Connectors

079: Box of NOS Zip Dee Hill-Kelly Key Chains

080: Spare Wheel Bearing Parts

081: Spare Water Pump Parts

082: Small Blue Airstream Flashlight NIB

083: Silva Compass

084: Instamatic Heater Company Level

085: Deck of playing cards

086: BP Gas Mileage Guide

087: Yale Pad lock and Keys

088: Wooden Ruler

089: Two (2) Hehr Roof Vent Cranks

090: NIB Reese Leveall

091: Seven PIN Tester

092: Oil Pressure Gauge

093: Brass Letter Holder

094: 12 Volt Interior Directional Lights

095: Three (3) Vintage Aluminum Kitchen Canisters

096: Small Electrical Fixtures

097: Small Fire Extinguisher

098: NIB Grote Road Markers

099: Small Vintage Coffee Pot

100: Vintage Stove Top Toaster

101: Ninety-Five (95) Piece Vintage Green Plastic Ware Dishes

102: Plastic Pitcher

103: Flat metal cooking pan

104: Miscellaneous Drawer of Kitchen Utensils

105: Shower Curtain Rack

106: Vintage Brass Oil Can

107: Broom

108: Miscellaneous nuts and components 
109: Small Socket Set

110: Small Box of Brass Washers

111: Small Box of Miscellaneous Brass Parts

112: NIB Bargman 7 Pin Connector

113: Bag of Extra Shurflo Pump Parts

114: Small Brass Chain

115: Small Various Washers

116: NIB Break-A-Way Switch

117: Small Container of small parts

118: Roll of Parachute Cord

119: Miscellaneous Box of Plumbing/etc. Parts

120: NIB Variable Switch

121: Box of 7 Pin Housings (5 Female / 4 Male)

122: NIB Ammeter

123: Front Jack Spare Seals

124: Extra Set of Brake Pads and Springs

125: Brass Marine Candle Stick

126: Extra Candle Glass

127: Brass Wick Scissors

128: 12 Colored Vintage Aluminum Cups

129: Coleman Filter

130: Miscellaneous Faucet Parts

131: Dr. Holman’s Binocular Loupe Glasses

132: Fuses and Cover

133: Miscellaneous Box of connectors

134: Miscellaneous Box of Electrical Parts

135: Miscellaneous Small Empty Storage Box

136: Miscellaneous Medium Box of Electrical Parts

137: Two (2) Miscellaneous Boxes of Wiring

138: Three (3) NIB Heatsink for Rectifier Bridge

139: Miscellaneous Chain (small)

140: Miscellaneous Switches

141: Tire Plugging Kit

142: Two (2) Vintage Airstream Club Coffee Cups

143: Wood Step

144: Chrome Weight Distribution Bars

145: Trailer Power Cord

146: Two (2) Metal Signs “1935 Airstream Torpedo”

147: Trailer Hitch Aluminum Stand

148: Battery Charger

149: Two (2) Gray Weight Distribution Bars

150: N/A

151: Rope

152: Long Shovel

153: Short Shovel

154: Large C Clamp

155: Hub Cap Removal Tool

156 4 Way Lug Wrench

157: Pry Bar

158: Jack


1953 Viking Coach 17' Fully Restored by Heintz Designs

1957 Aljo 14' Fully Restored
$18,000.00 obo

SALE PENDING ~~1957 Airfloat Landyacht 30'~~SALE PENDING
Unrestored, mostly original. Missing original front sofa, fridge, and pink toilet (newer styles are in trailer). Interior has had some cabinet doors partially painted, and interior ceiling has been painted. Original Stove, sinks, and pink bathtub are still in the trailer, as is all the interior cabinets. This trailer also includes 2 (TWO) other parts trailers in bad shape with many good parts and patterns. Parts trailers include a 1957 Airfloat Landyacht 30' and a 1957 Airfloat Flagship 35', parts trailers will need to be trailered or parted in place and all remains of parts trailers disposed with on site. Main trailer above has a clear title and is road worth, just made it from Nebraska to central FL and back to NW FL to our shop. 
$11,000.00 as is, or can be purchased with a full restoration

1960 Manorette Proto-type First one the company built, thier experimental trailer
$800.00 as is, or can be purchased with full restoration

1971 Serro Scotty Hilander
Needs complete Restoration. Trailer was torn down to the frame, rebuilding had started, owner's family expanded and now need a bigger trailer. This is basically a Scotty kit as it sits. Frame has been snaded and painted, new side walls have been installed, insulation applied to side walls, still have all parts with the trailer minus the skin since all new skin would have been installed. (We can sell new skin to go with the trailer!)

Email for more details about trailers for sale!

Need an Apprasial???
Whether for personal needs, insurance qoutes, or even insurance claims; we have you covered. Contact us today for your apprasial needs. Many times your insurance company will pay all or part of the appraisal. Our professional appraisals run $200.00 per trailers (Includes 3 signed and sealed hard copies and a pdf digital email copy)

Current Trailer Parts For Sale:

    Just about any vintage profile can be matched.
    Skin sheets as large as 4'x10' 
  • Also interior aluminum window trim, door frames, whole replica doors, door threshold, we can replicate just about any aluminum vintage trailer part!  

  • We are now offering complete vintage style compartment/storage door kits! 

  • Need a front window rockguard? We custom build vintage replica front window (and rear window) roack gurads, the double as aluminum awnings as well! Fold down for travel, and up for a window shade when camping!

Do you need a replacement screen door? We can help!
We specialize in reproduction Spartan and Spartanette screen doors! (Many other brands too)

Standard Spartan / Spartanette screen doors include Douglas Fir hardwood with Birch trim and center door panel plus three coats of Amber Shellac, standard screen will be aluminum.

Minus all Hardware
Please Check all Measurments before placing your Spartan or Spartanette Screen Door order.

                                                                                              Left: Original <> Right: Reproduction

Standard Door Price starts at $300+ Shipping/Crating
*for doors over 69" tall there will be an oversize shipping charge. 
Production time: can be up to 2-3 weeks if there are several orders lined up.

Need a wood screen door for another brand? We can do that too! Email us for needed measurements. All screen doors can be made to order out of any type of wood, finished or unfinished to be stained by the owner. Many types of screen can be used aluminum, copper, fiberglas, bronze etc... Please email existing screen door size, or door opening size, even within Spartans and Spartanettes the sizes can differ slightly.

Contact us today for your screen door needs! 

Check back often, we are always getting parts and listing them for sale!

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